About Me

One unique corner of the internet where positivity and humor can help people overcome the smallest of challenges to the largest of enemies, such as the dreaded Monday morning alarm.

Who realistically enjoys morning people’s positivity, or even just those friends or co-workers we have that always no matter what seem to have an air of optimism around them?

The answer is few and far between I know I don’t. Do we want to be able to appreciate their almost super human abilities of appearing to always be wide awake and happy Monday morning at 8am… yeah..yeah we do.

Life approached with humor and a more positive approach can have such a monumental shift in a person its astounding.

Through my own trials and errors here are some laughs and smiles in our own little community!


8 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. One More Shot Please said:

  2. Another positive person!!! So glad I came across your blog, and looking forward to reading more from you! ^.^


  3. I love your blog! Your about page is relatable, your theme and everything else is well placed. Well done!


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