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One of the many abilities the internet offers us is an endless fountain of knowledge. Throughout the blogging community you get to read and learn and expand on personal interests all with a click of a button.

Taking advantage of all this new content leads to oneself having the possibility of being introduced to new activities and hobbies.

I myself have a great passion for being active and healthy. I am always looking around to find new ways of being both of these things that I have not yet previously tried.

Through a post by http://trulymadlydeeplyme.com/ I have been introduced to Yoga. While I have tried it once or twice I have never truly committed to trying it for any specific length of time. Which seems kind of crazy because apparently it is great for stress management, who doesn’t want to try new ways of helping them overcome those stressful days..

The accessibility of the yoga program she talked about allowed me to see that I could make the time for it. Yes even as a full time college student (thankfully). I am extremely excited to get going and start trying something new that isn’t in my comfort zone of running and cycling!

Wish me luck, I encourage you to try something you have wanted to as well or even join the yoga journey with me!