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Do you ever just catch the sight of old photos of yourself and cringe away as if that will make it disappear? Yeah, you to eh? Well now that we have all established that we aren’t alone in the thoughts of regret along those lines of: “What was I thinking” “Wow didn’t seem that bad at the time” & the always reliable “I can explain that” as well as “that’s not what it looks like”.

The funny part of it all is at the time the photo was taken a majority of us probably thought it was an awesome photo!

So what is it that changed? Did we as an individual change so much that it is almost as if we are looking at a twin we didn’t know we had? Or is it more that acceptable culture and trends change so rapidly that we should all continue to expect those thoughts of regrets on old photos?

A challenge would be only having photos of oneself taken that have absolutely no regrets. Was the haircut I’m rocking “in” five years ago? Probably. Was it popular back then? Chances are high that it was!

Yet we all continue to cringe and regret those photos even if at the time they were taken we loved them. Trying to live with only photos that have such a high self-approval level to meet is too stressful in such an age where almost everything has a camera.

I’ve challenged myself and I challenge you to not worry about it! Don’t get hung up on how you look in that old photo! Have fun and enjoy the moments you felt were special enough to capture! That was the purpose of the photo being taken, right? So we could look back and remember that time with a fond smile, not thoughts of regret. Enjoy them with a smile and a laugh as they bring back special memories you may have even forgotten!

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