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I don’t know about you guys but where I live it has been raining nearly constantly for about a week. Not a nice just straight down shower either I mean rain coming down at such an angle that hoods, hats and umbrellas are just not worth the effort.

Walking to the bus stop one afternoon resulted with me looking like I showered with my clothes on. Dripping hair, wet jeans which we all know has to be pretty high up there on the list of most uncomfortable sensations ever and just down right cold and miserable.

I know weather can have a massive effect on people’s moods and I was needing a little positive shift lately so I thought of some ideas that have been making this weather more bearable and hope they can help you to!

  1. Warm comfort food! Now yes I tend to eat healthy food but sometimes you just have to make something like a chili or a nice warm stew.
  2. Working Out! Now I know not everyone enjoys working out so don’t force yourself to do something you don’t want to do but if you work out anyways or have been slacking a bit more than usual this might be the best time to try and incorporate it into your schedule again! I find it always makes me feel so much more relaxed and happy! Even if I just set aside some time in the morning to do a quick workout it makes you feel good about yourself!
  3. Crank the tunes! Who doesn’t like blasting their favorite song really loud and singing and dancing like no one is watching? I find this one is just a good way to make yourself laugh and smile at the end of a school or work day!
  4. Positive wallpapers! Now this one seems kind of strange I know but how many times do you look at your phone or laptop screen throughout the day? I know I look probably more than is healthy so what not put something there that you know will make you smile! Maybe a positive quote, or something happy and colorful (beaches, flowers, sunshine, vacation photo) you can really personalize this one!
  5. One small thing I also tried was to pull out some spring summer colors. I stopped wearing so many fall winter colors and added some more sprig summer color and it did help!

The trick is to play with it! Really personalize these tips to best help you! Everyone has little things that always relaxes them or makes them smile. Try and incorporate these little things into your day and get out of the winter slump you may be in!