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Huh a post about myself…gosh so many thoughts so little words. I’ve gone through some self-fought struggles these past couple years and during that time I found bloggers who made my day end with a smile. That’s what I would love to be able to do is put a smile on someone’s face. Starting a blog is something I have just recently contemplated attempting, one day though I decided to stop my pity party and just go for it.

The idea of doing a journal for just myself was never even seriously considered. A blog opens the door for anyone and everyone to read it if they have the ability to do so, what better way to hopefully help at least on other person with what you have shared and created.

Having a personal journal wouldn’t help anyone but myself and that’s just not what I want from this. I’d love to include my life struggles and how I’ve overcome some of those struggles and hope that someone else out there finds it helpful eve if it’s only helpful in them knowing they aren’t alone. Possibly writing some tips and advice on how to go about problems people have would be nice as well.

Hmm connecting to people who are facing struggles that I have gone through or am going through would be amazing because we could have our own community of support and positivity available at the touch of a keyboard.  If people who had the ability to raise awareness and possibly even do something about these issues and we worked together that would be incredible.

Wow a successful blog…the dream it would be amazing to have even had a positive effect on one person upon the completion of one year with my blog.