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Now I know I am not alone when I say every year I make at least one New Years resolution yet as soon as February rolls around (realistically mid-January) I have already lapsed back into the routine I was struggling to change. Every year I promise myself that this will be the year yet that exact same promise is made the following years… so why is it that these goals we set every year for New Years are so very rarely accomplished? New Years resolutions are almost made with the mindset that they won’t be accomplished.
This negative self-doubting mindset is already a reason an individual won’t accomplish their resolutions. Now if you are determined to succeed you may take the path of research like myself. Research will show you tons of different strategies that will supposedly be that 100% guaranteed way of reaching your goals.
Now while I haven’t had a chance to implement these strategies as of yet as I will be trying these in the New Year. The two most important tips for anyone to take away from this is
1. Personalize Any & All strategies that one may stumble upon
– This ensures that you start on the best foot going forward and don’t have to try and alter yourself in any way to fit into a generalized plan!
2. Don’t be discouraged!
– Okay so maybe you weren’t successful that’s okay! Next time just try something different nothing is going to work 100% for everyone! Be Positive!

Strategies for accomplishing that seemingly unachievable resolution can greatly vary! Some people simply just need to write down their goal and they are good to go…unfortunately for a greater portion of us that’s just not the case. Planning out the resolution(s) that you want to accomplish can be a massive step in the right direction.
Hopefully Helpful Strategies:
1. Breaking it into chunks: instead of trying to accomplish one massive goal such as write a book, try and beak it up for yourself and say you will write a chapter a week or even just sit down for twenty minutes a day and write. This allows ones goal to seem much more approachable.
2. Reward Yourself! Yes okay so maybe when you’ve reached a milestone on the path to that eventual novel it isn’t as exciting as saying you’ve written a book… BUT you can say that you stayed on track you’re on schedule. That is awesome, be proud of those little accomplishments because they deserve to be recognized!
3. Keep the excuses to a minimum… now we all know that sometime life likes to throw in unexpected events that just were not planned for so when those curveballs come your way instead of just trying to sick to the plan that just may not be feasible anymore alter it! It’s your plan you personalized it so why can’t you alter it so it better suits that new timetable?!
4. Keep the end goal and milestone goals in mind! Ensuring that you have reminders of what you hope to accomplish visible for one to sees makes it harder to forget. So make a vision board if you want to go all out with it or maybe just put some reminders where you look everyday such as some post-it notes on the bathroom mirror or by the coffee machine!
Hopefully these strategies will help us poor individuals that just seem to make resolutions for the first two weeks of January. Even lengthening the time in which one sticks to their resolution can be seen as an accomplishment. I know will be trying these come the New Year and hopefully will have some luck with them, if not me then hopefully one of you will!
Happy Holidays & Have a Good New Year